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Serra da Estrala - Thai Swiss Cycling

Thai Swiss Cycling organises cycling training in Portugal with Bruno Boscardin, former professional cyclist and Manuel Batista, amateur cyclist.

From 20 mai to 28 May 2023


Three groups of a maximum of 15 people will be assembled, based on the fitness of the participants with stages of 80 to 100 kilometres per day.

  • 1st group from 30 to 35 km/h
  • 2nd group from 25 to 30 km/h
  • 3rd group from 20 to 25 km/h (cycle touring)

Travelling companions

Travelling companions Portugal - Thai Swiss Cycling

For travelling companions who do not want to take part in the daily training, here is a snapshot of the sightseeing activities offers in partnership with our local agency:

  • sightseeing tour
  • spa, relaxation and massage in the hotel