"Cycling, a passion we share"

Cycling in Thailand - Thai Swiss Cycling

Change your routine and come and discover a different way to train!

With Thai Swiss Cycling, our road cycling courses will change how you ride!

The sixth tour will begin in January 2019.

Whether you come as a cyclist or travelling companion, we offer you a comprehensive programme for a fantastic stay in a 4-star hotel located in the middle of Chiang Mai.

Make the most of the country's exceptional climate.

Option to extend your trip with a week by the sea at Koh Samui, Koh Lanta or Phuket (southern Thailand).


Thailand tour - Thai Swiss Cycling

"RIVIERA" route, 70 km, average speed 30 km/h, level circuit.
Duration approx. 2hr 20min


"HOT SPRING" route, 100 km, average speed 28 km/h, 3 or 4 climbs of 200 to 300 m with height gain of 15 %.

Duration approx. 3hr 30min

"MAERIM PINK RIVIERA" route, 100 km, average speed 30 km/h, level circuit, medium amateur level.

Duration approx. 3hr 20min

"MAE SA VALLEY LOOP" route, 97 km, average speed 27 km/h, height gain of 1420 m, altitude c. 1200 m, climbs of about 15 % and 18 %. 

Duration approx. 3hr 45min

Be aware that the mountain route is quite challenging. Rest day if preferred. Option to sign up for a day of sightseeing instead.

Thailand tour - Thai Swiss Cycling

"MAEJO" route, 80 km, average speed 30 km/h, level circuit.

Duration approx. 2hr 40min

"MAE WANG ELEPHANT CAMP" route, 110 km, average speed 30 to 32 km/h, quite a hilly circuit.

Duration approx. 3hr 30min

"DOI SUTHEP LEGENDARY THAI MOUNTAIN" route, c. 32 km, 11 km or 15 km of climbing, height gain of 15 %.

Duration approx. 2hr

Note that the average speed is based on an advanced level group. Option to adapt the speed to suit the group.

Travelling companions

accompagnement Thaïlande - Thai Swiss Cycling

For travelling companions who do not want to take part in the daily training, here is a snapshot of the holiday activities offered in partnership with our local agents:

  • Thai cookery course
  • elephant ride
  • temple tours
  • night-time market
  • trekking
  • rafting
  • quad-biking
  • relaxation and massage