Bikes : yours or ours ?

Booking form for bike hire

Cycle touring in Thailand - Thai Swiss Cycling

You have the option to hire a road bike in the country, for CHF 30.- per day (insurance and maintenance included), or CHF 180.- per week. However, we would draw your attention to the fact that we are dependent on the stock of bicycles held by our Thai partner. Therefore, please book your bike in advance via the registration form below.
Fill in one booking form per person. Payment will be in cash and at the time of collection.

Don't forget to bring your own accessories such as helmet, shoes, pedals and jerseys.

When hiring, in order to have a bike that suits you, choose a bike that matches your height. Guide (indicative only) to height in relation to bike size :

  • Size S = 1.50m to 1.67m
  • Size M = 1.68m to 1.76m
  • Size L = 1.77m to 1.83m
  • Size XL = 1.84m to 2.00m